I’m New

What should I expect at your worship service?

We meet Sundays at 10:45 at the historic Haw Creek Chapel in Henkel Square in Round Top. Each Sunday is a fairly traditional Communion service with a mix of music (traditional hymns, contemporary, even popular tunes). We have several readings from the Bible, prayers, and a sermon by Father Bill or a guest preacher. Joey McGee is our wonderful guitarist and singer who leads our songs. Our services typically last about an hour. Afterwards, we often meet for coffee and conversation out on the porch or just outside in the square. It’s a small intimate space and you can “come as you are.” 

What is the Episcopal Church?

We are the “Celtic” expression of Catholicism, under the umbrella of “Anglicanism” or “The Church of England.” There are approximately 100 million of us with many of our churches in Africa. You can find an Anglican Church pretty much anywhere in the world – from the world’s major cities to small villages in rural areas. We tend to be open-minded and believe that scripture, tradition, reason and experience all help shape our understanding of truth and faith. Our tradition has been marked by an appreciation for nature and for beauty. Many of the world’s greatest writers, artists, musicians, and architects have come from our tradition. If you want to see Anglican worship done really well (and formally) watch the Royal Wedding of Kate and William or of Harry and Meghan (at the latter, the head of the Episcopal Church, Michael Curry, preaches a wonderful sermon on love!).

Where do I park?

There are several parking lots serving Henkel Square with the largest one being behind the Round Top Antiques and Design Center. You can also park on surrounding streets. It’s just a short walk to the Haw Creek Chapel?

What is the Haw Creek Chapel where you meet?

The Haw Creek Chapel is a beautiful historic building that served as the Haw Creek Lutheran Church from 1872 until 1949. Haw Creek is a very tiny community just a few miles away. The building also functioned as a school and community center at various times. It was moved to Henkel Square in the 1960’s and was recently refurbished by the Massey Family. In recent years it has served as a wedding venue, the Chamber of Commerce office and Round Top Visitors Center, and now, the home of Saint Cecilia’s. It seats approximately 50 people and has a restored pipe organ.

Is anything expected of me? I’m not sure about this whole “church” thing?

We understand that lots of folks have had negative experiences with a kind of religion that is closed-minded, judgmental and life-denying. That’s not us! We strive to be authentic, honest, life-affirming people who are motivated by love. We hope you’ll simply show up, ask questions, and let us love on you. We want to support you on your spiritual journey in any way that we can.

130 Henkel Circle | Round Top, TX 78954
Sundays at 8:45 am and 10:45 am